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Will this be the Year of the Fairy Garden?

Are fairy gardens even on your radar screen?

Fairy Garden at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Chances are you have very little interest in Fairy Gardens. Maybe you should take an interest, even for the unusual reason that doing so may build traffic for your garden center.

I posted an article titled Building on an Old Plant Category back in May 2009. In the article Fairy Gardens was briefly mentioned. Since then nearly every day brings at least one visitor to the blog via a web search for “Fairy Gardens”,”Fairy Tree Garden”, or similar. When I tried my own search the page doesn’t even come up in the top 20 Google search pages so that tells us something about how serious these hobbyists are.

Before you disregard the possibility of promoting Fairy Gardens do your own search and check out just how active this little corner of gardening is. Miniature gardens are within reach of anyone. They seem to be drawing the interest of young and old. Very little space is required, with many gardens being constructed in containers of all sorts.Kathleen, a sales associate at Altum’s Horticultural Center in Zionsville (Indianapolis) Indiana has even brought little boys into the scene by introducing Dinosaur Gardens into the mix. (Sorry my pictures weren’t good enough to share.) So if the kids aren’t interested in growing their own vegetables maybe they can grow some miniature Dinosaur food?

Miniatures touch all types of collector categories, such as in this one featuring Elvis on a scooter seen at Seattle’s 2009 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Do you have an associate who is interested in miniature gardens? Maybe it is time to unleash them? I don’t know if this will be the year of the Fairy Garden, but I do know for sure that it won’t be for you if you don’t make it happen.

If not this, what? If not now, when? If not you, whom?

10 Responses

  1. We knew we were on to something with our Fairy House workshop when someone emailed me the day after our class and said she got up at 2:00am to look at her fairy garden in the middle of the night, she was so pleased with it. Others started sending in their pictures of the houses set up in their gardens.

  2. Thank you for commenting Tina. That’s great confirmation of this. Your insight is appreciated.

  3. We have been building fairy gardens for the past three years. The customers absolutely love them! They add whimsy and invite children to become involved looking for the “wee folk”.
    Take a look at some of our stuff: http://botticellofarms.net/Bellas2008.htm

  4. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by sidraisch: Will this be the Year of the Fairy Garden? – Are fairy gardens even on your radar screen? Chances are you have ver… http://ow.ly/16gdvR

  5. Hey Sid! Great to see this! (Not sure why it didn’t come up on my radar.)

    I’ve been nurturing and watching this idea grow for a good 10 years now. We’ve been in business since 2001 and online since 2004 at http://www.TwoGreenThumbs.com

    Good to see miniature gardening finally starting to get the recognition it deserves as a viable part of the gardening world – and as a gateway to life-sized gardening too, I might add!

    It really is a joy to do, and with the right plants – a mini garden can last up to 6 years in a container if done right!

    Thanks again, Sid! Your fellow MG,

  6. Thank you for commenting Janit. I hope some of the garden centers that are blowing this thing off get with it soon. It is a natural and great for kids of all ages. This is gardening made accessible for everyone regardless of their space or location.

  7. […] Comments sidraisch on Will this be the Year of the Fairy Garden?Janit Calvo on Will this be the Year of the Fairy Garden?uberVU – social comments on Will this be the Year of the Fairy Garden?sidraisch on You’re […]

  8. Here’s a great resource for Fairy Garden Inspiration:


  9. Sid this is a wonderful write up and you are always very informative. On my tour this season to Independent Garden Centers across the County we will be doing classes and leading make it and take its to promote Miniature Gardening. Not only is this a great way for us Gardeners to extend our love of Gardening through out the season but is a great opportunity to get Kids excited about Gardening.

  10. Thanks Arlena. Yes, miniature gardeners are more consistent gardeners. It is not a once a year and once again next year interest. There seems to be an element where people justify their investment by saying it is for their kids or grandkids, but in reality it is also for their own internal “kid at heart”.

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