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Innovation Bound to Happen

Jenn-Aire Obsidian black interior for refrigerators

Inside The Box – Obsidian

It was bound to happen….eventually. Fads come and go but trends stay a while – sometimes a long while. But appliance styles are not supposed to be forever. First there was white. Then we had Avocado Green and Harvest Gold. White came back in style. Then Stainless Steel. Then Black. Red made it into the laundry set. But that can’t go in the kitchen can it?

Okay so we’re bored with our Stainless, but Black has been around too long. It’s time for an upgrade, but what’s the hot trending color for appliances? It’s sure not going to be Red in the kitchen. Okay, so let’s go inside the box. How about black inside the refrigerator and dishwasher?

Is your product, your company, or your industry stagnated? Innovation is necessary to stand up and apart from your competitors as well as to give your customer an aspiration. What is going to be next in their kitchen? Jenn-Aire is giving them (and us) something to aspire to. What NEXT thing are you giving your customers, your company, your industry to aspire to?



2 Responses

  1. Dagnabbit! Innovate? Reinvigorate? Why can’t we just keep doing what we have always done? (Hey, we’re consistent!) And why can’t I just expect better results from it? (I was already prepared to blame our economy…)

  2. Yes, Jonn. More of the same if the same is change. Will the need to innovate ever stop? Why don’t people just quit buying new and better things and demand that the companies they buy from never change? It would just be so much easier on everyone.

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