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Website, Blog, Email Bloopers and Blunders on the New Frontier

Last night I made my first post in recent years to my dormant WordPress Blog that had been replaced with a fancy big city website that I did not learn to operate. This was the post on my trip to Japan. Unfortunately the link to the report was not working when I published the post and the email feed went out. Although I fixed the link it was too late. Here’s the link again: https://hortadvantage.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/sid-raisch-mar-1-2014-japan.pdf

At one time I was pretty far ahead on using the Internet. I forged into the darkness years ago, not on the bleeding edge, but on the cutting edge. I’ve always been an innovative thinker and sometimes that can get me (and other innovators) into some trouble.

Then I hired a “professional”. Trouble is that in the Internet world it is the new frontier. On the frontier there are cowboys with white hats, black hats, and those that are neither good nor bad at the core and are just innovating in an untested, unproven world. That is the land of the Internet – the new frontier. It’s a place of ghost towns, unbeaten paths, roads to nowhere, and the crossroads of America and the World.

So now I’m back posting on the old blog site. Interesting that WordPress became the number one website platform of businesses small and large so its like back to the future. How often does that happen? I’ll be posting here again, and will update the chosen template look and feel over time and probably on my own. Does that make me an Internet cowboy?

I will also be working with and implementing Talk Fusion, a platform for video email and online meeting collaboration.



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