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Who and What

Strategies Blog is brought to you by Horticultural Advantage.

631 N. High Street
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

In full disclosure I would like you to know that the money trail of Strategies Blog is exclusively from the consulting and business development services provided to independent garden centers by Horticultural Advantage, Sid Raisch, and an affiliate relationship with The Garden Center Group. When and if you see a sponsor name appear in the right column it means that I sincerely believe in their service or product and back that up with my personal assurance. There may be some passive income from their sponsorship.

What is a Blog?

Strategies Blog is a “new media”. This is an opinion and advice media, not traditional trade press media. It is not in opposition to our trade publications, but can enhance your knowledge and understanding of the news and the not-news.

The purpose of Horticultural Advantage:

We exist to provide information and advice to aid and promote the long-term business viability of horticultural establishments.

Horticultural Advantage was founded by Sid Raisch initially as Sid Raisch Consulting in 1999 and has continued to provide individualized consulting services to horticultural companies in an expanded role over time.

What We Do

We provide independently owned garden centers with individualized consulting services, information, training, and advice in the areas of developing their business strategy and plans, company service culture, operational effectiveness, marketing position, market share, and especially – the net result of improved profitability and business sustainability for the future.

All of this is provided in the format of our Advantage Development System, and is individualized for each client situation.


  • Help independent garden center owners identify and understand their business options
  • make decisions and choices, then…
  • implement their decisions, influence their company culture, and…
  • follow through to the results they desire to achieve…
  • in the amount of time they are willing or can accept the change to occur…
  • so they can be happy, find joy in their ownership of the company, and…
  • accomplish what they are meant to do while on this earth.

We feel when we are successful at what we do when the owners and associates of a company can look back and say this has been a positive life and business changing experience.

We, the authors and editor of Strategies are here not to criticize, but to help. If you feel anything is pointed directly at you relax, a lot of other readers happen to feel the same way.

Click here for more about our Advantage Development System

Click here for more about Horticultural Advantage

Horticultural Advantage is a Service Provider to The Garden Center Group

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