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A BIGGER Big Payday

Make your Big Payday BIGGER

You Need A Bigger Big Payday

Not many years ago it felt so good to a garden center owner to have such a large amount of cash in the bank at the end of spring.  THAT is the BIG PAYDAY for all the hours, sweat, investment, and risk of the business. Then it was fun to figure out how to handle the money to reduce the amount of taxes that would have to be sent to the government. New SUV, greenhouse, benches, 401K?  Today that pile of cash feels inadequate to pay the bills to get through the year to even begin the next spring for many companies.

In any highly seasonal business the money taken in during the busy time has to do double duty. Spring income must provide a profit, plus cover the gap between current bills and income through the slower time of the year. What is needed is a BIGGER Big Payday!

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