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New Garden Centers in THIS Day and Age?

You’ve got to be crazy! Who, in their right mind would dare start a garden center now?

Well there are some people who are. Read about them in the Garden Center Birth & Re-birth room.

It is in the nature of our business that we’re approached by wanna-be garden center owners. The reasons for starting a garden center now are many, but these five are the most popular.

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Making the M-D Rollercoaster Work for You


Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression: Is that what’s wrong?

This was the topic of a recent blog posting by Timothy Ferris, author of the NY Times and WSJ best-selling book, The Four Hour Work Week. The story of the book is a story in itself. Just do yourself a favor and get a copy and read it before spring hits.

While you and I may never get anywhere near a 4-hour work week it will help you understand why we think the way we do about work. And we may just get a little closer to it if we can think the way Tim thinks, especially the way he distinguishes between effectiveness and productivity.

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