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Should Your Suppliers Sell Direct?

(Approx. read time 3 min.)

Proven Winners is now selling online direct to consumers.

Yes, others do it but Proven Winners is the first major brand in our industry that has begun selling finished annuals, perennials, grasses and shrubs direct to consumers from the Proven Winners website.  This is called cross-channel distribution by the way.

Just when I was getting used to things as they are now my cheese has been moved again. This is not entirely a bad thing though I’m still not saying it’s entirely a good thing. Maybe it is just is what it is? Continue reading


The $5.26 Million Dollar TOO High Cost of TOO-LOW Prices

Are you LOSING 2% or MORE of your Bottom Line to Poor Pricing?

As moderator of the session on Pricing Strategies for Profit at Today’s Garden Center magazine’s Revolutionary 100 Roundtable held in Atlanta’s America’sMart I asked the people representing the 22 companies in the session if they would write down on the note pad in front of them the number representing 2% of their annual sales. Then came my challenge to them.

The challenge was to put the piece of paper on the front of the table for me to pick up if they had learned enough new information about pricing in the previous hour of the session to add a minimum additional profit of 2% of sales to their bottom line in 2010 – WITHOUT THE CUSTOMER NOTICING. I would then pick the note paper up and have the event staff total them and share the number at the Town Hall closing session. ALL of them did. And what a number we had to share!

A total additional profit of $5,261,000.00, averaging $239,000.00 per company was produced. The least amount claimed was over $30,000.00. And think about it – every one of these companies has left those dollars on the table every prior year. Did you?

Continue reading

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