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Hoping for a Rising Average?

Boiling The Frog

Boiling The Frog,
originally uploaded by purpleslog.

Still Comfortable?

Like frogs in a pan of water with the temperature rising, our comfort with increasing sales revenue from an increase in average transaction dollars is not feeling so comfortable in recent years. Here’s why:

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Should you be a Publicity Hound?

© Milosluz | Dreamstime.com

© Milosluz | Dreamstime.com

Yes, it is uncomfortable tooting our own horn. Mom said not to brag and we are all maybe a little too good at not promoting ourselves. However, the art of shameless self-promotion doesn’t have to be shameful. Remember, mom also said to “stand up for yourself if you’ve got something to say.”

The passion in our industry is based on the real benefit of plants to people. There is a physiological need, as well as a financial benefit from what we do. Promoting what we do is not only important, it is essential. One of the saddest things I have witnessed in the past 30 years is the fact that our industry has silently allowed an entire generation of American people to grow up and become adults without much of the required knowledge or the desire and interest to garden.

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You’re It! MS Tag Wildfire Sparked

Strategies Blog MS Tag

Strategies Blog MS Tag

This is not a vision test.

It is not a psychological test. It may be an aptitude test for your adoption of new technology. My prediction is the new Microsoft Tag 2-D bar code is a “Killer-App” (Killer Application = works so great you can’t do without it.)

The website is amazingly simple to use, and the Microsoft Tag website allows you to send the tag reader to use it direct to your cell phone.

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You Are One of Us – Are you Indie Bound?


The “Buy Local” movement may be picking up some steam. Whether an anti-homogenization movement, to better sustain local economies, or organized for self-protection of locally owned business it is a good idea in my opinion to get involved. Local, community based marketing fuels positive word of mouth.

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New to Blogs?

The blog world is a new adventure for many folks but they are not alone. Blogs have been around for years now. They became famous in politics, are widely used in personal interests and hobbies. (You wouldn’t believe how many blogs there are written by gardeners.) Blogs are now gaining acceptance among businesses who use them for commercial purposes.  The circle of use and influence is expanding rapidly.

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Marketing Plan Goes All Social

The Mouse Car

The Mouse Car

“When your corporate car has ears and a tail, you can pretty much get away with anything,” – Barry Murray, Truly Nolen director of marketing and public relations.

A very successful national franchise pest control company has taken it’s marketing plan online in a big way. This shows that there may be a future where marketing is completely different, but with Truly Nolen, marketing has always been Truly different. See what they’re up to.

Many of you are probably wondering, “Why is Sid spending so much time on this stuff?” Sometimes I wonder myself. There certainly isn’t any money in it at this point in the game. I’m not sure there will be. My motive for investing this time is that I see a huge sweeping transition in the way marketing is done coming. Although I feel so far behind and don’t see myself getting ahead of the curve on this, I want to get somewhere near it so I can help my clients understand the potential, their need to move on it, and identify resources to help them when it is time for them to go-social.

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