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Zombie Stores and Zombie Departments

Death Spiral Economic conditions have caused many retailers (garden centers included) to reduce inventories. Whether they decided to reduce redundancy and confusion in their merchandise mix, or were simply over-buying and had too much inventory at the wrong time in the wrong amount, the net effect is less inventory on hand. Some retailers handle adjustment to reduced inventory better than others. This falls in line with my previous post on the Horticulture Zombieconomy, but takes it straight to the sales floor where the customer is involved directly.  Ted Hulbut suggests that retailers who aggressively reduce inventory may become Zombie Stores and Zombie Departments, but do they have an alternative?

What will happen when retailers adjust inventory to reduce unproductive items and to match customer traffic and sales levels? Continue reading

Anti-depressants – Lipstick and Flowers

Lipstick Flower

Lipstick Flower

George Ball compares the economic blues fixing powers of lipstick to those of flowers in his blog post at Heronswood Voice:
Similarly, in the fashion industry, The Great Depression is noted to have given a boost to the then recently hatched lipstick industry. Like candy and movies, it was something inexpensive that lifted women’s spirits. Cut flowers grown at home rival lipstick in the “feel good” department”.

It’s worth it to read the whole thing, and while you’re there subscribe to receive an email whenever George muses and waxes. It will be worth your while in my opinion.

It is very easy to get caught up in our operations, our inventory, our stuff, and forget why the customer is buying in the first place.

Continue reading

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