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Horticulture Zombieconomy

Mr. Umair Haque

Mr. Umair Haque

There has been a quiet but growing sound  of discomfort over something a gentleman you have probably not heard of said about the state of the response of American business to the economic situation. His characterization was about the Zombieconomy, and those comments were subject of a Harvard Business Publishing Ideacast.

Mr. Umair Haque may eventually be recorded in history with the likes of W. Edwards Deming, the man who America sent to Japan to help their industry, and specifically their auto industry and Toyota aided by its customers bring down the still misguided and arrogant US auto industry. Actually I think Umair will be much bigger. More importantly, he may do it better than Demming and wake us up before it’s too late. Continue reading

Don’t Miss The Phases of THIS Spring


There Has to be a Fire to Put Out Somewhere in Here!

I can tell that spring is coming quickly upon the readers of this blog. For the next several weeks we will focus on the here and just-ahead with brief postings of timely thoughts.

In my years enduring the spring surge of the horticulture business I’ve noticed the Phases of Spring that occur as we approach, endure, and emerge from this annual crisis. Regional differences put some of you deeper into spring than others, so adjust for your location.

There is a naturally occurring progression of events and associated emotions during the early spring to summer seasons. In the next few days I will briefly describe each of these in hopes that recognizing what you will be going through will help you counter some of the effects.

The three phases are:

  1. Survival
  2. Success
  3. Significance

Phase I – Survival

Spring begins with the confident feeling you are ready, or the extreme fear that you are not. If you are still feeling confident just wait a few more days or maybe a couple of weeks for your dose of reality.

Continue reading

Is Gardening Addicting?

man-gardeningThe Benefits of Gardening Include Better Sex

This is the kind of news we could only hope for.

While it won’t surprise most of us in the horticulture industry, there is now new proof and yet another reason behind our obsession with what we do, and the PASSION, with which we do it!

A recent London Telegraph article by science correspondent Richard Alleyene suggests that gardening boosts men’s sex drive. The story reports on a study by Bremen University in Germany that was published in the European Urology Society’s journal, European Urology.

New to Blogs?

The blog world is a new adventure for many folks but they are not alone. Blogs have been around for years now. They became famous in politics, are widely used in personal interests and hobbies. (You wouldn’t believe how many blogs there are written by gardeners.) Blogs are now gaining acceptance among businesses who use them for commercial purposes.  The circle of use and influence is expanding rapidly.

Continue reading

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