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A New Link or 2

NEW Stickers

Read Time: approximately 3 minutes

Summer tour and trade show travels bring with them perhaps the most frequent question everyone wants to know the answer to when we talk or meet:

What’s New?

One of the new things I learned this summer was that things are changing faster than we imagine. If you think you’re on top of what’s going on I challenge you to Click HERE to watch a fascinating short video titled “Shift Happens” that was shared during a panel discussion at OFA, and also the title of a presentation by Clint Albin at the IGC Show.

I am not into new for “New’s sake”, however, given the pace of change it is no wonder why we have all become “new junkies”. The trouble is that a lot of what we discover is not relevant, not useful, and not productive. What we are really looking for is what is relevant, helpful, and productive. And we could find and implement the new things we need faster and better if we share. Continue reading

What will happen “Back in the Garden?”

Gossip Girl, Blake Lively covers Vogue Magazine February 2009!

When consumers get ‘Back to the Garden’ this spring, will it become  ‘Back-Ache in the Garden’?

Maybe you’ve read that gardening is vogue again. The origin of ‘vogue’ is associated with sailing in the 1500’s and meant “wave or course of success”. In modern times the  phrase “in-Vogue” meant that a product or idea was written about in Vogue magazine. Gardening is timeless, and also been proven to be somewhat trendy. Staying in fashion has never been more important – even if you are not the type of person who ever cared about fashion or being fashionable.

Is this just another flavor-of-the-year to read about in all the trade industry magazines, email newsletters, and blogs, or will it bring real gardening back – I mean forward? Only time, and possibly your response to the emerging trend will tell.

Continue reading

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