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All you believe…may be ALL WRONG – Belief #3

Misconception #3 – Garden Centers Should Employ Horticulturists with College Degrees Full-Time, Year-Round and Pay Them Professional Salaries with Comprehensive Benefits

(Read time approx. 3 minutes.)

This is the third misconception in a series of six. The concepts being discussed here will likely be counter to your beliefs. The comments left on the previous posts are quite interesting so you may want to go back and read them. Click HERE to go back and begin with the first post related to this series.

Disclaimer: While I focus on the business side of the horticultural business my education, training, and experience is broad in the green industry including plant production and retail garden center with Scarff’s Nursery, landscape services with Horticultural Advantage, and marketing and sales of plants with Bailey Nurseries, and Sunrise Marketing. Let it be known that I am all in favor of the future success of the many educated and knowledgeable horticulturists in our industry, especially those that are effective in carrying out their responsibilities.

Necessity is the mother of invention. When the facts are laid out and we discover that it is simply not possible to 1) do what we once did, 2) do what others do, or 3) do what we would like to do, then why not open our horizons and explore opportunities we previously ignored? The title of this post is designed to get interest and discussion going rather than to discount the value of horticultural expertise. So please, read on then leave a comment. Continue reading

Does the Business World Today Make Sense to You? Really?

Seth Godin and Tom Peters

Seth Godin and Tom Peters

Leaders of Leaders Defining Reality to Make Sense of the Senseless

In our Executive Advantage program we teach Executive Principles, including #1 Leaders Define Reality. Here I am trying my best to be a leader among leaders and trying to make sense of our part of the world so I can do that for you, and I do not mind saying that it is very difficult to do in these times.

To some degree we have to accept that these are chaotic times and do not make sense, and my friends, THAT is reality. These are chaotic times and do not make total logical sense. The world does not just seem to be spinning out of control senslessly, to some degree it is doing exactly that.

Continue reading

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