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Winning “People Strategies” Critical to Business Success (Part 1)


Guest Blogger

Kevin Stinson, CEO, The Stinson Group, Inc.

A great business plan is just that. A great business plan. Well documented and outlined strategies, functional and easy to follow formulas, processes that are understandable and usable, and accurate market data are all critical ingredients in the recipe for a strong and profitable business. We all have been involved in companies where one or more of the key factors have been ignored or unattended to. Working in theses situations becomes burdensome, heavy with task orientated activities, all aimed at trying to “get back in the game”. We have also seen and been involved in organizations where all of the above are in good working order. But even in this scenario, the business is not firing on all eight cylinders. The results are not there from month to month, the general atmosphere within the ranks is one of discontent and there seems to be a consensus of “disassociation” among the employees. Why?

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