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Virtually Prepared for Spring

Bill Calkins

Bill Calkins

Virtually Prepared for Spring

Guest Article from Flourish, by Bill Calkins – Business Manager, Independent Garden Centers for Ball Horticultural Company

Right now, an entirely new gardener is walking into garden centers across North America. They know a little bit about plants, a lot about the stores they visit and have specific projects in mind. The plant knowledge might have come from family or friends, but some of it was no doubt gleaned from the Internet. They certainly spent a couple minutes online poking through local garden center websites and box store specials before hopping in the car. And they do not see gardening as a hobby – it’s functional, adding visual impact and value to their home landscape, balcony, patio, deck, etc, etc.

Are You Where They Are Going?

Stop talking, go texting!

originally uploaded by crickee.

Are Your Customers Fingers Doing the Walking?

People are “Letting their fingers do the walking” today via their keyboard and cell phone keypad rather than opening the old fashioned phone book. One point where you may begin missing your former customers (think of the declining transaction count) and potential new customers is at the end of their Intenet search rather than on your ad or free listing line in the white pages, or Yellow Pages®.

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