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People are Hurting in Business

People in hurting in businesses everywhere. This includes, but is not limited to the owners.

In the course of my work it is just plain obvious that people are hurting as we work to improve the results of their businesses. The hurt ranges from disappointment to dismay and FEAR about the future of their business as well as about the future of their health and relationships in their personal lives.

While we strive to consider the “strictly business” implications of business decisions rather than base decisions on emotions and relationships you cannot completely separate the personal life of the people in a business from the business itself. Further, we believe that our personal well-being, sense of security, and mental health are spiritual matters.

For the reasons stated in the two paragraphs above we do not believe there should be separation of personal faith from business. There is a saying that “there will be prayer in schools as long as there are tests”. This is also true in business, and it is true in life as well. We am not clergy, do not represent any organized religious denomination, and do not wish to preach. All we desire is to help people.

In the course of our work with clients and clarifying of business issues communication occurs that often displaces fears and brings people together with hope for the future – if they are willing to be engaged in the process of coming together for the good of the business rather than for their own personal agenda. Please describe your situation with us and let us help you sort it out.

Here are some links to additional information that may be of help to people who are hurting:

Faith At Work – Click HERE for a short video featuring an organization founded by Chuck Proudfit that discusses the role of faith in the workplace.

LifeChurch.tv – Click HERE to check out this non-denominational church conducted online via blog, live stream services, and online chat groups.

Focus on the Family – Click HERE to find Focus on the Family information and resources for relationships, marriage, and parenting.

If you have a family member, friend, or organization in your life that can help you with relationship, spiritual, or other areas we urge you to connect with them. They can’t help if they don’t know you need them.

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