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Garden Center Births and Re-births

Independently Owned Garden Centers opening soon or opened recently.

If you know of others please leave a reply or comment below and provide the name, city, and link to any other information. We will add your submission to this list.

Note: You may also want to see the Garden Center Graveyard

(Click name of garden center for website or other available information.)

6-7-2011 Earthly Artifacts – Charleston, SC – Click HERE for news article on opening.

6-7-2011 WeGrow Hydro Super Store – Phoenix, AZ – Click HERE for news article on opening.

6-7-2011 Sticks and Stones Garden Center – Gallatin, TN – Click HERE for news article on opening.

6-6-2011 Grogg’s Green Barn – Tulsa, OK – Click HERE for news article on opening.

5-31-2011 Green Side Up Garden & Gifts – Fayetteville, NC – Click HERE for news article on opening.

5-25-2011 Sunnypoint Gardens – Egg Harbor, WI – Click HERE for news article on new owners.

5-24-2011 Deneweth’s Garden Center – Hartland, MI – Click HERE for news article on Hartland MI location opening.

5-17-2011 Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery – Berkley, CA – Click HERE for news article on opening.

5-17-2011 Bayshore Garden Center – Ft. Myers, FL – Click HERE for news article on new owner.

5-6-2011 Shelley’s Nursery – Chillicothe, OH – Click HERE for news article on expansion.

5-4-2011 Eden Garden Center – Vineyard Haven, MA – Click HERE for news article on new ownership.

4-27-2011 Lake St. Louis Garden Center – Lake St. Louis, MO – Click HERE for news article on opening.

4-27-2011 Anthony’s Nursery & Garden Center (formerly Palmieri’s Nursery) – Westport, CT – Click HERE for news article on opening.

4-24-2011 Plants-N-More Garden Center (formerly Heap Greenhouses) Belleville, IL – Click HERE for news article on opening.

4-24-2011 Lincoln Green Garden Center (former Birch Bay Garden Center) Birch Bay, WA – Click HERE for news article on opening.

4-21-2011 The Green House on the Hill – Liberty, KS – Click HERE for news article on opening.

4-21-2011 Bill’s Garden and Floral Center – Vestal, NY – Click HERE for news article on new owners.

4/13/2011 Green Oasis Gardens – Lake Hallie, WI – Click HERE for news article on reopening.

4/5/2011 River Breeze Garden Center – Eden, NC

3/31/2011 Mostly Local Market – Lewisville, NC

3/31/2011 Cal’s Market & Garden Center – Savage, MN – Grand reopening newsletter – Grand Opening YouTube

3/31/2011 Linvilla Garden Center – Media, PA – New garden center building

3/25/2011 Miss Del’s Garden Center – Clarksdale, MS – Click HERE for news article.

2/27/2011 Rolling Greens – Clinton, MD – Click HERE for Craigs List ad for Garden Center Manager

2/16/2011 Land Art Garden Center – Spicewood, TX – Click HERE for news article.

2/9/2011 Amelia’s Smarty Plants – Lake Worth, FL – Click HERE for news article.

2/5/2011 Weston Nurseries – Chelmsford, MA location – Click HERE for news article.

1/8/11 Stutzman’s Greenhouse Inc. – McPherson KS location – Click HERE for news article on approval

1/1/11 Green Thumb Garden Center – Ferndale, MI

10/29/10 Houston Garden Center – Katy TXClick HERE for news article

10/20/10 Bordine’s on Woodward, Detroit, MI

10/16/10 Urban Garden Center, Manhattan, NY – Click HERE for blog article

9/22/10 Pinter’s Garden Center & Pumpkin Patch – Cresco, IA – April 2011 opening – Click HERE for news article

9/21/10 Petitti Garden Center – Mentor, OH- March 1, 2011 opening – Click HERE fore news article

9/21/10 Cha Cha Produce & Garden Center – Elkton, MD – Click HERE for news article

9/16/10 – Aunt Effie’s Garden – Palm Springs, CAClick HERE for news article on opening. I’m not sure when they originally opened. The news article says they’re re-opening after being closed for the summer (an idea to take note of), and the ad showing on their website announces their original opening.

9/12/10 – Berns Garden Center – 2nd location – Dayton OH – Click HERE for news article on opening.

9/12/10 – Organic Garden Center – Toledo, OHClick HERE for news video on opening.

9/1/2010 – The Garden Market – Wake Forest, NC

8/29/2010 – Shenandoah Garden Spot – Culpepper, VA – Click HERE for news article

8/20/10 update – The Enjoy Centre – St. Albert, Edmonton, Canada – Opening 2010 – Click HERE to read news story on construction process.

The Beehive, Nashville, TN – Click HERE for news article

Native Roots Garden Center – Durango, COClick HERE for news article

Over The Garden Gate – Fredricktown, PA – Click HERE for news article

Daly’s Garden Center – Pleasant Valley, NYClick HERE for news article

Loki’s Garden – Des Moines IA – formerly Heirloom Gardens

Horizon Hydroponics – Kalamazoo, MI – second location – Click HERE for news article

Earth Sense Garden Center – formerly Friends of the Earth – Washburn, WI – Click HERE for news article

Trinity Garden Center and Landscaping – Formerly Thornton Gardens – Elkhart, IN

The Island Garden Center of Marco – Marco Island, FL – Returning former owners – Click HERE for news article

We Grow Dreams Garden Market – West Chicago, ILClick HERE for news article

Sorbello’s of Chittenango – Chittenango, NY – Rebuild with a new store – Click HERE for news article

Red Oak Garden Center – St. Bonifacius, MN – New owners for former Garden Market – Click HERE for news article

Homestead Gardens – Severna Park, MD – New Second Store – Click HERE for news article

Wallitsch Garden Center – Louisville, KYExpansion – Click HERE for news article

Guilliano’s Garden Center – Brewster, MA – Click HERE for news article

Urban Jungle – Philadelphia, PA

Honey Bear Ranch – The Garden Center – Broken Bow, OK

Family Tree Garden Center – Snellville, GA (In former Pike’s Nursery location)

Vanhoff’s Garden Center – Coeur D’Alene, ID – Click HERE for news article

Urban Thickets – Middletown, OHClick HERE for news article

Verdego – Port Orange FL – Just opened February 2010  – News Journal Article

Sugar Creek Garden Center – Fort Mill, SC – Opening spring 2010

Gardenhood – Atlanta, GA – Opened October 2009

Wilson’s Garden Center – Newark, OH – Remodel opening April 2009 – Click HERE for news story

Planterra Conservatory – West Bloomfield, MI – Announcement. Started construction November 2009

Natural Art Garden Center – Toms Brook, VA – Opened April 2009 – Announcement article.

9 Responses

  1. We opened in April 2009. http://www.nvdaily.com/lifestyle/2009/04/areas-newest-greenhouse-a-sour.html

    There is the first article about our new garden center & what we did.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for speaking up Lynne. I added you to the list. Sid

  3. Not very many stores when you consider how many new stores Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-mart etc open every year.

    Then you look at all the other franchise operations that open new stores each year and you can see how insignificant the garden center industry growth really is.

    What would be really interesting is knowing the number of garden centers in the US – is it going up or down? We know their are significantly fewer greenhouse growers like a 25% drop in the last 3 years.

  4. Also The Garden Market in Wake Forest, N.C. http://thegardenmkt.com/. Love the Birth/Re-Birth section! A good way to give some industry perspective.

  5. Edward, is the fact that there aren’t as many garden centers opening as other retailers really the point here?

    I think it’s great to see that these places are still opening and that they’re getting some coverage. We need to look at individual stories and successes just as much as we look at the sweeping trends in openings and closings.

  6. Paige,
    The fact is that there ARE new garden centers opening. Garden centers can still be relevant to consumers depending on how they are individually defined in their marketplace. You are right in my mind that seeing new garden centers open is a sign that the light at the end of the tunnel is still on, and it is not a freight train coming at the possibility. For those folks who are on the wrong track the light they see at the end of their tunnel is probably a freight train barreling directly toward them.

  7. In fact the big boxes are not building many stores now and the few new stores being built carry a much smaller footprint using a typical greenhouse and greenhouse coverings. This will be one of the best years in retail structure sales for our comapny. I believe owners are putting hard earned profits into the buisness and not into Wallstreet! Money is available when you shop for it and at very favorable rates. Our retail industry is small in comparison to the mega boxes but then, is that a bad thing?

  8. Great thought Jeff. Investing in your own business can have the greatest return of all. A lot of people are confusing the new smaller formats of the big stores as meaning the big format does not work. In fact, a small format allows for deeper penetration into a large market, as well as a presence in markets too small in size for a big format store. Some of the small formats are geared to urban areas where the real estate for a large store is just not available or cost-effective.

    The appreciation of real estate is often taken for granted. I had one owner who struggles to get traffic off the highway argue with me about how much his cheap 7-acre property had appreciated, but compared to a 3-acre property (which is all he actually uses anyway) in a better location the appreciation was a fraction of what he could have had, plus the added benefit of more traffic through the business along the way.

    The investment in people is often given lip-service, but has the greatest impact on the investment in a business. And no, in my opinion, being small is not a bad thing, and can be much better in any case. We consistently see smaller businesses outperform larger ones in terms of profit percent, but also in terms of profit dollars. It all depends on how well they are run. In the end it will always come down to how a business can be marketed for retirement whether to the next generation, to an employee, by merger, or by outright sale to someone we don’t know.

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