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Executive Advantage

A Strategy for Developing Executive Leadership

Executive Advantage is a two-day executive retreat style program designed to develop the leadership capability and potential of participants by providing a resource to influence and change company culture.

In Executive Advantage we approach leadership as a contact sport in a two-day in-depth process of gaining an understanding of what and why we think the way we do about leading a company, and why we get the the results we get. Next, we examine the Executive Principles and best practices and adopt new thinking to begin to implement improved leadership processes.

In the Executive Advantage program you will develop and propose a business development plan for your company. In a follow-up process this preliminary plan is then presented to your entire company for feedback and involvement. A tentative Leadership Action Plan (LAP) is then developed for implementation.

The Executive Advantage program is presented in either a small group setting with five to seven companies with one or two attendees permitted from each company at each individual Executive Advantage session, or in-house which is especially suited to larger and multiple location companies where greater involvement is needed.

Leadership Advantage is ideally scheduled in the summer, fall, or winter months offering plenty of time for analysis, planning, and implementation for the upcoming year.

Click HERE for Executive Advantage brochure

Please send email to sid@horticulturaladvantage.com for further information and rates.

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