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Client Advantage

A Strategy for Developing and Refining a Client Base

Client Advantage was the first program we developed in the Advantage Development System. Why first? Because most clients already have relatively fixed Operating Expenses and Wages. While it is possible to improve those some the greater potential for growth is found in personal selling. No, you can’t do this at the busiest times of the busiest days of peak spring, but those times aside, there is plenty of time. You have to want to do it, and that begins by knowing how to do it.

In Client Advantage you will gain a perspective mindset and skills to shift from a product first mindset and develop a Customer-First company culture rather than one that values products more than customers.

The primary outcome of your participation in Client Advantage is that you will learn to build more effective relationships with customers who determine they want a lifelong client relationship with your company. Now That’s Loyalty™

Client Advantage was developed for Horticultural Advantage and is taught by Kevin Stinson, President of The Stinson Group.

Client Advantage brochure

For more information, dates, and rates contact sid@horticulturaladvantage.com

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  1. […] Recently I was traveling through an area north of Asheville, NC where a new Lowe’s and Walmart were preparing to open across the highway from each other. I stopped in a nearby independent garden center and just mentioned to the owner that I had noticed the new competition preparing to open. He curtly remarked that they wouldn’t be his competition and that they would help his business. Believe me I wish this would be true, however I don’t believe it is. It is not healthy to take competition for granted. Instead we should have a healthy fear (respect) for competition. In fact, there are specific counter-competitive measures that should be taken against new, or long-existing competitors. Most of the measures should be about fortifying your own position in the marketplace and ‘bulletproofing’ your customer base, which is the specific intent of our Client Advantage program. […]

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