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About Judy Stapler


Judy Stapler is the owner of Qualitative Insights, a consumer behavior consulting firm and an associate with Horticultural Advantage in curriculum development, and program facilitation. Judy is a contributing writer to Strategies Blog.


After graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Judy Stapler began working at Clinton Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, Ohio. Wanting to experience life more fully, she applied and was hired as the first female sales person for (BBL) Baltimore Biological Laboratory covering the Ohio and Northern Kentucky area. She called on hospitals with information about microbiological prepared media. It was here she learned selling was all about what the customer wanted. And not what a company thought a customer wanted.

After a few years, she became disillusioned when BBL wanted her to mislead the customers who had learned to trust her. She moved back to Wilmington, Ohio and to the hospital lab.

When her son was 5 years old he asked why she worked weekends and holidays when his friend’s mothers didn’t. It was the based on this query she became among first persons to be hired by The Procter & Gamble Company holding a non Chemical Engineering degree.

During her 16.5 years in R&D Judy became recognized as a strong consumer advocate, her interviewing skills of consumers was recognized as one of the best in Health Care and she was repeatedly called to uncover what the consumer really wanted, meant and needed. These interactions with customers, lead to 3 patents, a position in the Creative Problem Solving program, a primary participant in the PRISM (product’s research in scientific methods), and developer of a successful Rewards and Recognition program used to recognize quality work done by teams and individuals over a period of time. She successfully worked in England, Japan and Mexico to determine if consumers were different / similar to US consumers.

Judy Stapler leverages her wealth of experience by creating her own company….Qualitative Insight, LLC. Under this umbrella, Judy has worked with Bounty Paper Towels, Vicks/Nyquil, Horticultural Advantage, several attorneys, The United Way, and conducted focus groups for many interest groups.

Judy has been married for 32 years and has one son who is a school councilor for one of the largest school systems in the country…Chantilly, VA.

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