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Someday is Here And You Still Don’t Need That Stuff

image of a Round Tuit

Click Image for Larger Readable Version

“No one else sells this anymore.”

“People come in our store looking for stuff like this.”

“You can’t buy stuff like this anywhere else.”

“I might need that someday.”

These are all famous last words of hoarders. I know YOU are not one, in the extreme sense of those portrayed on the A&E hit television show. But are you a hoarder of a different kind?

There’s never been a better time to get rid of stuff you thought you’d need someday. Chances are high that while you might need your junk some day you could probably use the cash tied up in it to do things you could and should do now. If you’re just saving stuff until you get around to it, I have a gift for you. It’s the Round Tuit pictured above. Click on it, print it out, and put it up there on the wall. Now you have your Round Tuit and there is no need to wait any longer to get rid of the stuff you’ve been waiting to get around to.

Just Don’t Want To? Consider This: Cash is King

This is about turning the stuff you’ve been saving for “someday” into cash – cash that you can invest in making money to do what you really want to do. What do you really want to do?  Are you unsure of what you’re trying to accomplish? Lack of a motive for doing something is the root cause of keeping stuff around. The stuff provides a comfort zone from which we do not care to escape, until we discover something else we really want to do. Something we’re motivated to do. It’s not about initiative. It’s not about taking responsibility. It’s about being motivated to do something. Find your motivation. Until then, turn that crap to cash so you will have the money to invest to get started doing what you really want to do.

May I suggest? If you don’t know what you want to do, invest to grow what you have.

If you don’t have other plans for the cash you get from your crap consider investing it  in more marketing of your business in the ways you KNOW work, or that are track-able and accountable. Don’t take risks, do more of what you know works already. Or do something that has a feedback loop that lets you know if it is working or not.

We all have crap. What is Crap?

Crap is anything you don’t need for a current project.

Crap can be leftover stuff from a previous project.

Crap can be the entire previous project itself.

Crap can be starter stuff for a future project that you still have not started, and realistically speaking, probably won’t start anytime soon.

Crap is stuff that is getting in the way of doing other things that need to be or should be done. It is in the way physically, financially, or mentally as a crutch keeping you from moving forward in a meaningful pursuit. If you can just turn that crap to cash you’ll eliminate one of the common reasons for not doing what you really want to do – “I don’t have the money to get started.”

A Crap To Cash Strategy

As usual, the first step is the hardest.

Deciding that you are better off with the money than with the stuff is the critical first of only two steps of the wise liquidator.

Step One – Decide.

Step Two – Liquidate

Yes, it can be that easy. Just turn the crap over to someone else, get out of their way, and stay out of their way. Go do something you enjoy doing that will absorb your mind and distract you from what’s going on. Delegate for once. You can do it.

Okay so you’re going to be stubborn and get rid of your own crap. Here are some outlets to think about. None of them are new, but you could probably use a refresher.

  1. Have a sale. If you have your own customers and place of doing business (including the Internet) then just have a sale. Have your sale when you have the most customers traffic so the odds are with you. Price it like you want it to go away and it will. If you’re stingy about it you aren’t really serious about this are you?
  2. Try non-traditional advertising. Craigs List is a wonderful way to get rid of stuff and advertising there is completely FREE except for the time it takes for you to list your items and to handle the sale. Admittedly that can be more time than you should put into it and if so, you should consider another way.  Take a look at the other ads there and you’ll figure out the best techniques for listing. eBay is another great outlet, especially if your item can be shipped long distances. Resist the urge to buy someone else’s crap unless it will help you do what you really want to do. I have personally sold a car and a tractor, and bought a mini-van using Craig’s list. You don’t actually sell or buy “on” Craig’s list. You just use it to be found or locate items. Believe it or not, the mini-van was parked two blocks from my house on the same street. I would not have known it was for sale if it hadn’t been listed on Craig’s List.
  3. Donate. The joy of watching someone else benefit from something you’ve been just watching can be very uplifting and motivating.

What crap will you turn to cash?

Need help? Just ask your significant other, or your kids. I’m sure you know what they’ll say though.

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Tell the world what crap you have committed to turning to cash. Tell us what you will do with the cash.


3 Responses

  1. Fantastic! I really did need that extra reminder to get rid of all the crap at work and at home. I’m not a hoarder by any means, life is just very busy.

    Solution, I had a friend come by my house two weeks ago and help. She was rutless, she said, ‘when was the last time anyone looked at this” and out it went to goodwill. Having someone on the outside is key to getting rid of crap because they can see it for what it is. It was surprising how freeing mentually it was to let it go. Now everything feels and looks better after a little spring cleaning.
    Take Sids advice and do it

  2. Great thought to do it at home too Mel. Coming home to clutter is a sure way to end the day on a downer. More important it’s a sure way to begin one on a downer.

  3. We are moving out of our home of 23yrs into an RV to travel the country. Emptying the house of “crap” that we might use someday…23yrs later, never used it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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