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New Friends – Comedian Drew Hastings

Comedian Drew Hastings
Drew Hastings, Comedian and Farmer

My mission this year is to make a lot of new friends. One of the best I’ve met is comedian Drew Hastings. I live in a small quaint rural community of Hillsboro located 3o miles East of Cincinnati, Ohio. Things change slowly out here for the most part, but the activity is picking up over the 15 years since I moved here. One of our most notable residents of the past few years is comedian Drew Hastings.

After becoming disgusted with living in Los Angeles Drew escaped to Highland County Ohio and bought a working farm. He’s also become involved in historic preservation and more recently, local politics. Unlike most part-time farmers, Drew does his comedy gig on weekends and farms weekdays. So what’s significant about this and why am I bragging about my new celebrity friend and neighbor?The comedy business has been tough recently as many regulars cut back spending. That’s not surprising I know. What’s new is that Drew reinvented his act by telling about how he is reinventing himself as a farmer. The rural life has given him new comic material as he gives his take on the simple, but not easy life. So Drew gives us material we can relate to. He helps us take agriculture a little less seriously but safely (as safely as we can with tools like chainsaws).

Drew became relevant to a whole new type of audience and is making a new circuit of appearances outside of comedy clubs in the ag community. I think he gives us a fine example of reinventing ourselves to expand our audience, be relevant to new people, and especially to have a little fun looking at and appreciating the lifestyle we have. It’s also fun to find the lighter side of our lifestyle.

I had the chance to introduce Drew to Kellee Magee and she put him on the program of the ANLA NEW Clinic. He’ll be appearing live on Friday night at the Garden Idol show.

If you can’t make it there take this opportunity to watch a video trailer made by a Hollywood film crew that traveled to Hillsboro last summer. Give it a look and see what you think of Drew.


10 Responses

  1. Sid: Drew ROCKED!!!! I would love to see him unleashed, uncensored. Incredible laughs.

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  3. Glad you enjoyed him Lloyd. He’s your new friend now. Recommend him to any associations or groups you can think of.

  4. I like this guy just for leaving LA and getting a life in rural America. I think many people feel stuck, and the message that you can re-invent yourself any time is a liberating feeling. Also you don’t have to “play the game” and go through the usual grinder that is the LA scene. Glad you had a hand in getting him to come to the clinic.

  5. Great point Trey. A LOT of people have done this. They’d make great customers of independents! Let’s all find them and invite them.

  6. Sid! I thought Drew was absolutely hilarious!! Everything about his act was great–and spontaneous too! Great way to end a great evening.

  7. I agree, Sid. Great act, lots of fun and very original. Talk about creating a niche! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  8. I enjoyed his unique perspective, and was rolling on the floor laughing.

  9. Tina – unique alright. Imagine a customer digging up plugs of their lawn to plant a flat of veggie plants. Imagine them doing that because there are probably some who do.

  10. Jen. This is a time we all need a good laugh and another and another and another. The movement kind of shakes the seriousness out of us so we can be as creative as we have to be.

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