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The Price of a Bad Economy – How Much Will THIS Cost?

The Price of a Bad Economy – How Much Will THIS Cost?

Rodney Johnson, President of HS Dent

Rodney Johnson

This post has been incubating for a while and I decided to scrap what I had started in favor of pointing you to what Rodney Johnson with HS Dent has to say. Harry Dent and his organization have been accurate about our economy since the 80’s. That’s because they use what they call The Dent Method to make projections, not predictions. Click on Rodney’s picture to hear what he has to say about potato chips.

Dent’s basis for making projections is the birth rate and resulting demographics that can be projected in real numbers rather than subjective arbitrary opinion. No, they’re not 100% accurate on everything about the economy, mainly because they don’t make predictions about the economy. They only make projections of the impact of the birth rate and immigration on the economy. The fact is that a lot of what happens in the financial world is caused by people changing direction, sometimes irrationally, and that cannot be predicted accurately. But birth rate and resulting demographics can be projected so that is what they do – project.Any small business owner today has to be somewhat of an armchair economist to simultaneously make enough sense of what is going on to stay sane, and to motivate themselves to make logical investments in their business when the surface logic might suggest hunkering down and waiting until  the economy recovers.

Don’t wait for a sign of recovery, make your own.

Waiting for this economy to recover is going to be like watching paint dry. It’s going to be like watching the pot until it boils. It’s going to take a long while and it will seem to take much longer if you just sit around and watch for it. And when it does recover someday the world will have passed you by if you don’t make your own recovery.

It begins at home. Get started now.

During the recession of the mid 70’s, there was a surge in home improvement spending as consumers adopted the phrase, “Don’t Move, Improve! Recovery is starting now as consumers stay home and improve, according to recent data reported on in Home Channel News shows strong sales improvement in hardware stores.

Many homeowners owe more than their home is worth and couldn’t sell now if they wanted to. They know that putting more money into their home may not have a payback until the economy improves, but they plan to stay there anyway so they might as well create a better place to live, and then in turn be in a better position to sell if they should later need or be able to.

Want to jump start your recovery efforts? Send an email to sid@horticulturaladvantage.com and we’ll get you involved in an upcoming Marketplace Advantage program.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I can’t figure out how to find the comments you are referring to. The links go to comments after your date posted.
    I follow you on Trey’s blog and like your work.

  2. Laine, Thanks for following. I’m puzzled. Can you send an email to me with the links you’re trying to reach? sid@horticulturaladvantage.com Thanks

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