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Strategies Blog Updates: Really Cool Stuff and More

(Read Time: approximately 3 minutes)


This post is to let you know What’s Coming and to Fill You In on how some features work on Strategies Blog so you can get more out of your experience here today and in the future.

What’s Coming Soon

Next week I will begin a new series of posts on Strategies Blog based on a presentation I made at the IGC Show titled, “All That You Believe about Making Money in the Garden Center Business May Be ALL WRONG.” There will be at least six posts each a few days apart. In that presentation I was able to cover only points #2 and #4 out of Six Mistaken Beliefs common in our industry. This series will allow the time and space to cover these plus the remaining four.

Also coming soon will be more information and opinions, plus some bells and whistles to Strategies Blog. But for now how about we review what’s already here so you get up to speed and get the most from it now.

Will You Help?

I just noticed that the visitor log on Strategies Blog is at 9,370. Are you willing to forward this to your friends, colleagues, associates, suppliers, wholesale account customers and anyone else you know connected to the garden center industry and suggest they check it out? The more participants there are the truly merrier it will be. Thank you for helping.

HOW Strategies Blog Works

If you received this post to Strategies Blog via a link someone (possibly myself) provided to you there is a very quick and simple step to take so that you will be notified when the next edition is posted. Just CLICK HERE to subscribe. No information is required other than your email address. You will receive a confirmation email that requires only one simple click to activate your subscription. Should you ever decide to unsubscribe you won’t be stuck because that is accomplished with one click as well on a line at the bottom of each post notification you receive.

Watch the Side Bars

Each post to Strategies Blog is accompanied with two “sidebars” of information – one to your left and the other to your right. Please take a moment to scroll down while glancing over the information on the left side, then scan over the right side and come back and read on.

LIVE Traffic Feed will let you see where people are coming from to read this blog. I have no idea how some of them find us from all sorts of places around the country and around the world or why they come but that’s the power of Internet search and I hope all visitors will chime in and comment.

What’s Cool – Links are where it’s at and that is in the right sidebar where links to many resources and items of possible interest to you. When a new link is added it will appear both in the “A NEW LINK or 2” and in its permanent category among the links. Make sure you check out The Enjoy Centre.

Recent Posts and Comments will help you catch up on what’s been going on here and are located in the left column.

Top Posts and Clicks will help you catch up on what’s HOT and are located in the left column.

Movies I’ve selected due to relevance to posts and personal interest are also located in the left column.

Pictures from my Flickr Photos are also down the left column. The most recent additions are visible. Just click on them to see more.

Categories, a Tag Cloud, Archives and a Calendar will help you find topics and subjects you might have missed or want to scan to get the bigger picture. The TAG CLOUD is interesting because the more often a subject has appeared in the tag list the larger it appears in type.

Before You Go

I saved these for last because you’re now down here where they are located.

VOTE for posts and comments by clicking on the stars at the bottom of each post to indicate how relevant and useful the information is to you.

SHARE with your friends, co-workers, and others who might enjoy or benefit from what you’ve read.

Comment or Leave a Reply to participate and enrich the information here. The only requirement is that you fill out a short form and provide your name and email address, which will not appear on the post unless you choose to include it in your comments. May I suggest that you be a man or woman and include your real name? Don’t hesitate or be afraid to disagree or to add more information that will help readers understand the background on the subject being discussed. Your first comment will be held for the editors approval. We reserve the right to make minor spelling and grammatical corrections to  a guest’s post without permission. If any other corrections are needed we will run them by you first. Of course you can avoid the need for that by being courteous, respectful and honorable to yourself and others.

RULES There are really no rules other than to do the right thing. If you aren’t sure just ask.

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