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A New Link or 2

NEW Stickers

Read Time: approximately 3 minutes

Summer tour and trade show travels bring with them perhaps the most frequent question everyone wants to know the answer to when we talk or meet:

What’s New?

One of the new things I learned this summer was that things are changing faster than we imagine. If you think you’re on top of what’s going on I challenge you to Click HERE to watch a fascinating short video titled “Shift Happens” that was shared during a panel discussion at OFA, and also the title of a presentation by Clint Albin at the IGC Show.

I am not into new for “New’s sake”, however, given the pace of change it is no wonder why we have all become “new junkies”. The trouble is that a lot of what we discover is not relevant, not useful, and not productive. What we are really looking for is what is relevant, helpful, and productive. And we could find and implement the new things we need faster and better if we share.Sharing is a basic concept that my mom taught me and your mom, grandma, teacher, or someone who was incredibly important to you when you were growing up probably taught you. What could be better than sharing what’s new? One of those new things to share is in this blog and especially something coming at the end of this post. Don’t look ahead to see what it is. You’ll be there soon enough.

There’s a lot to keep up with in business today and anyone you ask this question of usually fumbles a few seconds to come up with an intelligent answer. Everyone in the green industry seems to be constantly scanning for anything new and exciting, or as Monrovia notes in one of their handouts on the Garden Centers of America Summer 2009 tour visit at their beautiful nursery facilities in Dayton, Oregon – “New and Exceptional” for 2010.

Speaking of New and Exceptional, we recently added a new category in the right column of this blog titled, “A New Link or 2“. Maybe this will  help you answer the “what’s new” question too.

The title “A New Link or 2” was carefully selected with the first word “A” so it would be placed at the top of the other Link categories. I placed quite a few new links there recently in preparation for this post. Soon the new links will be taken off the “A New Link or 2”  listing and remain in their (semi)-permanent place. Despite the clever name, there will probably be more than 2 links there at any one time, but I promise there will be fewer there in the future than there are right now.

Now that I’m calling your attention to this new category there is one link in particular there that will intrigue you, and possibly entice you to CLICK HERE to find out what its all about. The word (Safe) was placed next to it so you’ll know you can click on it and not get in trouble with anyone. If you never believed that sex sells you may have been wrong.

When you rest your cursor over any of the links you should (may) see a text box with a brief description of what’s there. Some of you will see a thumbnail size screen shot of the page you’ll land on when you click the link.

There will be new information constantly added to the “A New Link or 2” list so be sure to check it each time you get your email or RSS feed to this blog. You’ll never lack knowing “What’s New” again ranging from garden center and gardener blogs we discover, new products, industry media links, business resources, and anything we think is cool that you should know about.

Reply or Comment now to let me know “What’s New” that you think should be shared with others in “A New Link or 2”.

Speaking of What’s New, I also added the SHARE button you’ll see below this paragraph. Here’s How it Works – click on it now and you can choose from dozens of ways to share this particular post with your friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues. You’ll also find a Share button located in the right column so you can quickly, conveniently and easily share the home page of this blog and enrich the lives of many.

So if you didn’t already click SHARE, please do it now and spread the word so others will find this terrific blog and they’ll love you for sharing “What’s New” with them.
And hey, how about clicking on the STARS below here to vote on this post? You may need to click on “Comment” below this post to see them.
Direct Links in this Post: (Several readers have mentioned they are  unable to access links from their web browser.)
Shift Happens Video – http://tinyurl.com/ShiftVideo
OFA – An Association of Industry Professionals – http://ofa.org
IGC Independent Garden Center Show – http://igcshow.com
Garden Centers of America – http://www.gardencentersofamerica.org

2 Responses

  1. In all my past days manning trade show booths one of my favorite and most effective pass-outs was to have a bowl of small packets of Peanut M&M’s to keep visitors engaged (eating) while they’d wait if we were busy talking with someone else. I know this is not directly related to the green industry but allow me to indulge for a moment. Just a few minutes ago my wife walked into my office to share some of the new Coconut flavor dark chocolate M&M’s. Wish I could share from here. Pick up a pack and give them a try.

  2. Hey Sid,
    Your blogs keep getting better every week! thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to do so also!

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