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Hip & Sage?

How can you be a real leader and also be an old fuddy-dud?

Do middle aged white guys in gray suits really think anyone is following them any more? Is wisdom worth anything anymore, or are you written off the planet because you’re not GenX, GenY, Millenial, or something. The younger guys can be happy because while they aren’t the coveted woman shopper they are at least generation something or other. Chris Beytes, esteemed editor and publisher of GrowerTalks Magazine recently gave what I consider a high compliment calling me an Idealist.  That’s exactly what I want to be known as so I’m choosing to be a Gen M’er (CLICK HERE to find out what that means). You can too. There is no age requirement.

A blog titled Hip & Sage is geared to the older set (Gen X and older) who know they must not become too fuddy-dud while applying the wisdom they have acquired. They know they have to mix it up with younger folks. Click here to view Hip & Sage and scroll down a few posts to one titled, “Real Leaders Don’t Get Old”. Of course we all do get older physically, but even the youngest among us will do that. I don’t think they saw that coming a few years ago when Gen X didn’t have kids, and Gen Y didn’t own homes. More wisdom can come with more age.Will a Generation M state of mind keep any of us Hip and Sage enough to be relevant, and useful as leaders? I sure hope so, don’t you?

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Come on now, you can do it!

2 Responses

  1. Lovin’ the Hip and Sage blog. Lots of great references and usual tools and information available!

  2. Thanks Dawn! SHARE the love.

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