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Phase III – Significance

Editors Note: After giving our readers a peak spring break to focus on the business at hand I will resume posting several times a week to Strategies Blog. (Be sure to click here to sign up now to receive an email update of new posts.)

Flags of No Significance by Joel Bedford

Flags of No Significance by Joel Bedford

Phases of Spring III – Significance

What is significance?

Webster’s says:

Something signified. Of meaning. Of importance.

Also, significant: having special meaning. Of considerable influence or effect. Of consequence.

Many of us do what we do because it’s what we’ve always done. We are flying flags of no particular significance. We went to school for it, were hired to do it, were born into it or were married into it. In many cases we’re doing the garden center thing better, but why do this in the first place? I know several garden center owners who have been doing a lot better in recent years. They live more comfortably and have debt in control. Their cash flows. But they still search for something – not something they can describe or show you a picture of. They don’t know what it is, just that they haven’t found it. Even they seek more.

This year the evidence in support of the significance of our industry is overwhelming when you consider the recently increased consumer interest in gardening. While the increase in interest is largely in vegetable gardening it is still getting many customers to branch out in their interest as well as bringing new gardeners into the fray.

What if we were living our lives, doing what we’re doing in pursuit of significance?

Search for Significance

  1. What is the significance of what you’re doing in this business? Why is it important?
  2. Who are you influencing or affecting? How?
  3. Of what consequence are you? Your company?

Take some time – just enough for a cup of coffee and a few thoughts. Give yourself a few more moments to make some notes to yourself about it.If we don’t have satisfying answers to these questions now, while we’re influencing and affecting so many, when will we?

These are times when many of our comrades are struggling and even suffering. Increased competition from the proliferation of retail outlets selling plants has created a new level of consumer convenience and choice. The time to Über-Differentiate from others is here for nearly everyone, not just those who have had to deal with aggressive competition all along.

My presumption is that if we take the time to consider our significance, and to Über-Differentiate, our troubles will become much less signficant in the grand scheme of things.  Yes, they will still trouble us, but it will be worth it to go about the business of solving them.

Remember, you may feel more secure than you did just days ago. It is because you have some money in the bank. The money will go away along with the secure feelings. Having a plan for your business to know how that you will meaningfully invest in your future during these troubling times, and not just waste that money away has never been more critical. Wages and wage benefits will burn it up. Utilities, office supplies, and the list goes on with the myriad ways you will spend away that money.

If by chance your company is one of those that is unable to pay off your line of credit, vendors, credit cards, and suppliers in full now then you may feel being more significant is out of your reach. I don’t know, in your situation it may be, but we have encountered other situations where the owners felt the same and they were amazingly surprised at the options we uncovered with them that they had available to turn their business around in its tracks.

In either case, in my opinion, you must find significance, and Über-Differentiate. So what do you think? What are you doing to become more significant?

What are you doing toÜber-Differentiate?

3 Responses

  1. It appears you have spent some time in the wilderness. Yesterday I also did get a chance to climb to the highest spot on our farm over looking all the greenhouses and spend a few moments with myself.

    Mother Teresa had so little but influenced so many.

  2. You are correct. I will post something on that in a few days. This topic though, and much of the content, is something I have published previously this time of year.

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