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Does the Business World Today Make Sense to You? Really?

Seth Godin and Tom Peters

Seth Godin and Tom Peters

Leaders of Leaders Defining Reality to Make Sense of the Senseless

In our Executive Advantage program we teach Executive Principles, including #1 Leaders Define Reality. Here I am trying my best to be a leader among leaders and trying to make sense of our part of the world so I can do that for you, and I do not mind saying that it is very difficult to do in these times.

To some degree we have to accept that these are chaotic times and do not make sense, and my friends, THAT is reality. These are chaotic times and do not make total logical sense. The world does not just seem to be spinning out of control senslessly, to some degree it is doing exactly that.

How do we make sense of what seems senseless? We need the leaders of leaders to define reality for us even if part of the reality they define is that it is a time of chaos.

In a recent American Express Open Forum titled Inside the Entreprenurial Mind, business guru Tom Peters and marketing guru Seth Godin define the reality of business in America today. Much of what they say clarifies logically what we can see and believe – but need to revisit – to keep our heads clear about it. They also “get real” about the chaos, and define the reality that chaos creates opportunity. However, we just have no idea exactly what the opportunity is, which is exactly why it is such a HUGE opportunity. Blows your mind!

Each of the twelve segments of the Peters and Godin discussion are only a couple of minutes long, and well worth your time to watch. Click on each of the descriptions to watch the segments:

  1. Keep sight of the big picture. Here, they discuss what really matters to Small Business Owners. The segment discusses the November election, but is still 100% relevant.
  2. Moments of uncertainty require strong leadership, according to business expert Seth Godin, while author Tom Peters says “an insane amount of ambiguity” may call for “radical action”.
  3. When to take charge and when to empower others? Different models of leadership are necessary depending on the situation.
  4. For some SBO’s, the temptation to “cut corners” may be overwhelming, but in the long run “shortcuts” are not likely to pay off.
  5. Peters believes “in telling the truth” – but it’s not always black and white. Godin has the perspective that a true leader will know what information is worth sharing.
  6. Godin and Peters agree on the merits of valuing your employees – and passionately explain their perspectives.
  7. Godin argues people haven’t changed; it’s the jobs that have changed. Peters offers another perspective concerning the makeup of the institution as a whole.
  8. No one cares about you – on the internet, that is, according to Godin. People don’t watch YouTube to learn who created the videos. Experience his dynamic perspective on what drives interest on the web.
  9. The internet is a “giant cocktail party”, according to Godin. Here, he gives his take on whether sites like Twitter and Facebook matter to your business.
  10. New perspectives on blogging that may forever change your perspective on the medium.
  11. What is the impact of sites like Digg™, Twitter and Yelp on our ability to control information about our brands?
  12. Has technology killed customer service? No way, says Peters; he’s “gotten (even) more personalized service from the web”. Godin adds – technology creates more opportunities for us to create WOW experiences.

If you have trouble with the links you can paste this one in a browser window: http://tinyurl.com/PetersGodin

After you watch the video segments I’m curious, does this help you make sense of what’s going on in business today? Leave a reply.

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