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Are You Where They Are Going?

Stop talking, go texting!

originally uploaded by crickee.

Are Your Customers Fingers Doing the Walking?

People are “Letting their fingers do the walking” today via their keyboard and cell phone keypad rather than opening the old fashioned phone book. One point where you may begin missing your former customers (think of the declining transaction count) and potential new customers is at the end of their Intenet search rather than on your ad or free listing line in the white pages, or Yellow Pages®.

In a recent discussion about the value of the Yellow Pages® on Fresh Air Forum Courtney left this comment:

The most cost effective thing you can do is register (or update) you business with Google Local. By filling out their  form, information about your business will automatically appear next to the Google Maps result whenever any one search for your business or business category in Google. And the best part is it’s fr.ee.


If you have already registered with Google Local go back and update your listing. In a meeting with a client yesterday we did a little Internet searching and found the local listing for garden centers in Minneapolis. Notice the logo that appears next to only one of the “garden centers” on the page. Google now allows you to upload a photo or logo, and post a coupon, both for fr.ee.

It will only take a few minutes for you to review your Google Local listing and update it. Other search engines have similar features which you should also update. Click here to set up or update the Yahoo Local version.

There are endless places to be listed on Internet directories. The websites of products you sell is another must-be-there listing. Check with Proven Winners, Wave Petunia and any other brand in your store. Why? Because they are doing PR, advertising, and Search Engine Optimization to bring consumers to their website where they can use the find-a-retailer feature to locate you. Check to be sure your company is listed and update the listings you already have.

Marketing is rapidly moving online, and managing these types of Internet listings is something you cannot pay for – but must do. First you have to know what to do and where to do it. Begin by doing Internet searches for products you sell in your store using the name of your local area or city and the name of the product. It’s a matter of finding out and doing it yourself or hiring someone else who already knows, or will find out and do it for you.

What are your thoughts on Internet listings? Which ones work for you? How do you get listed?

3 Responses

  1. Thanks Sid, this is great info, helpful links and a good reminder. We listed our flower shop with Google it it makes a big difference being at the top of the page with the map. I think we had decent web traffic before, but this will help more. I just added the garden center to Google and Yahoo now. Posted photos with Gooogle, but not sure how to add the logo? About to sign on with local newspaper to do a banner ad to see how that goes.


  2. Look forward every morning to hearing from you. Lets me know where we’re going. The blog is great

  3. Chris, The logo and picture are interchangable. Just upload a jpeg, or other image file of your logo. I did not see a list of accepted file types so you may have to try again with a different type if you get an error message. It allows you to upload up to 10 images (photos or otherwise) and you can also upload a video, which could be a commercial if you have one. Even if you do not advertise on TV, a short introductory video commercial is now useful for these types of listings.

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