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You’re It! MS Tag Wildfire Sparked

Strategies Blog MS Tag

Strategies Blog MS Tag

This is not a vision test.

It is not a psychological test. It may be an aptitude test for your adoption of new technology. My prediction is the new Microsoft Tag 2-D bar code is a “Killer-App” (Killer Application = works so great you can’t do without it.)

The website is amazingly simple to use, and the Microsoft Tag website allows you to send the tag reader to use it direct to your cell phone.

I wasn’t able to set it up on my phone, but that gives me another reason to buy a new iPhone doesn’t it?

The tag image above is live, and will lead you back here to this blog.  The tag image below will lead you to the website of The Garden Center Group.

The Garden Center Group MS Tag

The Garden Center Group MS Tag

Beyond the curiosity, why would you use this?

Imagine reading through a trade magazine and wanting more information on a type of product. Advertiser A has a standard ad. Advertiser B has an ad with an MS Tag. You pick up the scanner on your POS and zap the tag and instantly you’re on the website of Advertiser B, interacting and ordering product. Advertiser B is lost in the dust. It may be a while before bar code readers instantly work that way, but it is here and now for most modern web enabled camera phones. FR.EE, instant downloads, plug & play. It can hardly get easier than this to get information you need to make decisions you need to make.

Do you see any applications for your business? (Click on Comments below this post and share your thoughts.)

I can see putting MS tags on merchandise you sell to allow your customers to instantly get more product information from the manufacturers website, or why not give it to them direct from a page you set up on your own website? What if there were audio about the product, or video of the product in use there? Gotcha thinking?

Click here for information available on the MS Tag website, and set up a FR.EE MS Tag for your business to try it out.

Is it too cool 4 U?

One Response

  1. Bob’s Market is implementing MS Tag in their operation this year.

    Microsoft Tag is coming to Bob’s Market this spring! Download the FREE app today! You may be wondering what MS… http://bit.ly/b7dRXg

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