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Social Media update

My great experiment with trying to ramp up yet understand what’s going  in in the new Social Media world is making milestones. Just today I crossed the 200 connection mark on LinkedIn, and now have 58 friends in facebook. I’ve joined numerous social media groups, including becoming fans of several clients, industry organizations, and other network groups. I can see the number of these could mushroom seriously so I hope it doesn’t become overwhelming. Well, more overwhelming.

The intent is not to brag about what I’m doing but to set the stage and ask what you’re doing in the social media. So go ahead and click on the comment link below this  post and tell us what social media you’re on and what you’re learning about it.

Sid Raisch's Facebook profile


One Response

  1. Sid – I’m like you… I’ve joined LinkedIn, Facebook, http://www.blogger.com, and MySpace just to name a few. It does get a bit overwhelming when you have to try and keep up with everybody. Right now it’s easy, but come spring I don’t know how much of it will stil happen. I’m going to pick priorities that pertain to the business and keep them going. I talked to Dave Donlan from HubSpot.com yesterday and he recommended 2-3 hours a week for blogging. 1/3 of your time blogging, 1/3 of your time reading blogs, and 1/3 of your time commenting on them. Well, here is my 1/3 commenting on them!!! 🙂 Lol! LMAO! BRB! BTW! and whatever other ones I am missing or unaware of…


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