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Just another day on the way to Christmas

The Day Before Black Friday

You probably had to think a second to figure out when that was. I hope yours was ful-“filling” and not too stuffing. Many thanks to my friend – the Blogging Nurseryman, Trey Pitzenberger for coining this new phrase. We all have a lot to be thankful for in America, but it has gone too far when Thanksgiving has become just another shopping day on the way to Black Friday and then Christmas. You’d think the other eleven months of retailing didn’t count the way the chain retailers on the national scene play it up. Yes, Black Friday reportedly brought in 3% more revenue this year, but don’t you think possibly that more shoppers may have believed all the hype about the economy and spent more of what they are going to that day on deeply discounted goods rather than meter it out all season? Time will tell, and there are now only 25 shopping days left for us to find out.

3 Responses

  1. Quick update from Sid. National Retail Federation has updated the results of the entire Black Friday weekend. They report numbers showing a 7% increase in total sales made up of more shoppers and larger average spend. Results also show a decrease in gift card sales of 10%. Since gift cards are not technically sales the impact of this will show up in after Christmas sales which are normally driven partially by gift card bearing customers would presumably be down as a result.

  2. I just got a comment at my blog from a retailer (paint store) who shuts down the week of Thanksgiving, as they are not gift oriented, and why pay employees to stand around. They are also closed the week between Christmas and New Years (we are, too).

    I sometimes wonder whether a nursery that does not have a big gift department should do the same thing. Actually in my dreams I would close down from Christmas through January, and not re-open until February. Ah, but my dream ends at the California border, where most nurseries are open year round.

    Or, have enough revenue during the year to pay someone else to stand around during those slow times. Sometimes it seems so futile to be open when the people are at the malls, but usually we see quite a few gift cards just before Christmas, so we stay open. But with gift card sales down, we will see what happens.

  3. The media (both national and local) are negatively affecting gift card sales by advising readers not to buy gift cards from businesses if they aren’t certain that the business (or their local branch of the business) is going to be there next year. And who is sure of that? So we are advertising our gift cards along with some teaser information about what we have ordered that they can buy with them next spring (we are closed from January through mid-March.) I hope that eases their minds, and opens their wallets…

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